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Creatures II
Selected video works presented in Videodokument (1969-1998)
Curated by: Barbara Borčić
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2003

Oliver Marceta: Innocent When You Dream
U-Matic, Hochscule fur angewandte Kunst, Wien 1995, 5'
Damijan Kracina: Nails
VHS, D.K., Ljubljana 1995, 6’
Andrej Lupinc - Lupo: In Eight Minutes Around the World
TV Slovenija & A.L., Ljubljana 1990-2000, 8’ 20”
Neven A. Korda: Nomad
Mini DV, Neven A. Korda, Ljubljana 2002, 1’
Marko A. Kovačič & Kolja Saksida: Lab Party
Mini DV, Forum Ljubljana & Zwiks Production, Ljubljana 2003, 4’40”
Music: DJ Borka

Creatures II, a thematic program of video works by Slovene authors, is comprised of five short video works, that are accessible on the presentation CD-ROM.  Creatures II is a part of SCCA-Ljubljana’s project Videospotting, which aims to present and promote video art from Slovenia on the international scene.
The selected videos include works of heterogeneous authors from various fields. What they all have in common is their use of video as their main media or as one of their means of expression and frequently as a component part of their Gesamtkunstwerk practice.
The videos deal with concepts of Time and Creature and question our relation to the Unknown, the Other and the Different. They present us with a binary coded world built of contradictory relations between Culture and Nature, Man and Machine, History and Future.