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Delaine Le Bas
”Shanty Town of The Sleeping Beauties and The Sleeping Demons”


Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz wishing her way back to Kansas but this is not about 'happy endings' but of the Outsiders living at the edge of the rest of society. Creating a home from the disregarded materials of the rest of the world. Shanty towns made by those with a hope for the future, the dispossessed, refugees, those looking for a better life.

"Shanty Town of The Sleeping Beauties and The Sleeping Demons" project is inspired by a photograph of a "Gypsy Squatter Hut" from the New Forest taken last century, this was when all the Gypsies that traveled throughout the Forest were put into camps that had no running water or other facilities and that the buildings had to have no proper floors or foundations so that they were easily removable. For Le Bas, it penetrated her mind with all the pictures she had seen of shanty towns world wide, recent and historical and also of how so many people no matter what their ethnicity are living in the same way. Constructing a home from whatever materials are available, old wood, plastic, cardboard, corrugated tin. These "homes" have no electricity, running water, gas or sanitation and can be bulldozed at a moments notice. So in this world, at this time, in so many places world wide, this "Shanty Town of The Sleeping Beauties and The Sleeping Demons" is a reality for so many living "Outcasts" at the edge of society.

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