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Aziz + Cucher
series & projects
mixed media
19.09. - 26.10.08


Beur is beautiful:
A retrospective of Maghrebi-French Cinema
ArteEast, New York
08.08. – 14.09.08

Screening in vault:
Opening week-end + week 33:

- “The General Store” by Chantal Briet, 2005, 84min.
Week 34:

- “Cheb”, by Rachid Bouchareb, 1991, 79min.
Week 35:
- “Tea in the Harem” by Mehdi Charef, 1985, 110min.
Week 36:

- “Memories of Immigration” by Yamina Benguigui, 1997/8, 160min.
Week 37:

- “Where Fig Trees Grow ” by Yasmina Yahiaoui, 2005, 82min.

Screening in elevator through exhibition period:
… “Memories of October 17” by Faiza Guene and Bernard Richard, 2002, 17min.
… “Dounia” by Zaida Ghorab-Volta, 1997, 17min.
… “My Lost Home” by Kamal El Mahouti, 2002, 19min.

Gülsün Karamustafa
(Turkey). "The City and the Secret Panther Fashion">>>
Den røde tematiske tråd gjennom hennes kunstneriske produksjon de siste tiår er kulturell identitet. Filmen er fiktiv og humoristisk.
Betrakteren møter kvinneskikkelser som skaper seg et rom og et univers borte fra Islamistenes fordømmende represalier.
In co-operation with RODEO-gallery, Istanbul

08.10. - 14.11.10

Sigalit Landau
Barbed Hula
screening. Hoff Collection, Oslo
31.10. - 07.12.08

by SCCA,
Center for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana

This documentation, archival and research project on video art in Slovenia has been developed within the scope of the SCCA-Ljubljana Documentation Program between 1994 and 2003. It presents a comprehensive overview of thirty years of video art in Slovenia.

18.01. - 02.03.08


Robert Alda
"Natural NR 2"

Mahlet Ogbe Habte
video screening
15.01. - 21.02.10

Mahlet Ogbe Habte, born and raised in Eritrea, presently living in Norway, shows her last videowork “The ambience of bereavement”. Her work focus on loss and grief, but in her case through the mourning culture in Eritrea, especially the grieving sound, which transforms through a mixture of crying and shouting almost into song.

Project Atopia
"Dreams of Not-Belonging"
video screening
30.01. - 08.03.09

Dreams of Not-Belonging is a compilation of five short videos by the artists who have been the force behind the project Atopia.

Artists and their work:
- Michel Pavlou, “Traveling”, (co-founder of Atopia)
- Inger Lise Hansen, “Static”, (co-founder of Atopia)
- Greg Pope, “Moonwalk”, (Worked with Atopia in 2006-7)
- Linn Lervik, “Shades of Gray”, (Working with Atopia since 2007)
- Farhad Kalantary, “Tea House”, (co-founder and coordinator of Atopia)

Videoregistering of performative practice.
Repeted/remade ritual from Natural NR1 inspired again by observing a caterpillar.
Filmed on location in northern Poland (near Suwalki).
Video time:55 seconds. Registering time: approx 12 minutes.


Chinese Film Days
Screening program consisting of experimental video, feature films and documentaries, representing some of the most intrigueing of Chinese independent film making to day.
In cooperation with Porsgrunn kunstforening.

30.04. - 30.05.10


Screening program:
30.04. - 30.05. loop (elevator):
- COALSPELL by Sun Xun
- COMB by Li Ming
- MINGUO by Qiu Anxiong

30.04. - 09.05.:
11.05. - 16.05.:
- WE (WO MEN) by Huang Wenhai
18.05. - 22.05.:
- A DISAPPEARANCE FORETOLD by Olivier Meys, Zhang Yaxuan
25.05. - 30.05.:
- YOUTH by Geng Yun

Photo: Serra Gültürk. Courtesy of the artist and Rodeo

Shahram Entekhabi
Berlin based Iranian artist
A screening of the new video triology “Dead Satellites"

07.03. - 20.04.08

Trine Lise Nedreaas
"I Did It My Way"
2005. video. 2.26min.
21.01. - 06.03.11

And now the end is near…
An elderly woman sings the famous Frank Sinatra song, reminiscing about how she lived her life. As the song progresses the sound becomes eerie as her voice turns more childlike. The light surrounding her slowly engulfs her until in the end it pulls her away completely.

Lida Abdul
"What we saw upon awakening"
screening, 2006
In collaboration with 49 NORD 6 EST FRAC LORRAINE, France
06.05. - 19.06.11

Susan Derges

Mercury is placed at the vertex of a speaker cone, producing photograms resonant of shell patterns.

07.10. – 13.11.2011

Hermetica 1993, Beta SP video
A droplet of mercury lying in the bottom of an upturned speaker cone, which reflects the lens of the recording video camera, is subjected to a sweep of sine waves. The sound disrupts the spherical form of the mercury droplet into ordered shapes of increasingly complex geometrical structures until it passes beyond the range of response of the mercury and the camera ‘eye’ re-emerges on the surface of the droplet.

Mapping Subjectivity:
Experimentation in Arab Cinema

ArteEast & MoMA, New York

01.12. – 13.12.2011

This program is featured at Cinemateket USF in Bergen, in collaboration with Cinemateket USF.

tors 01.12.
- 21.00 Chronicle of Disappearance Elia Suleiman, Palest./Isr./USA/Frank./Tyskl. 1996 >>>
søn 04.12.
- 19.00 Chronicle of Disappearance Elia Suleiman, Palest./Isr./USA/Frank./Tyskl. 1996
tirs 06.12.
- 19.00 Gud griper inn Elia Suleiman, Palest./Frank./Mar./Tysk. 2002 >>>
- 21.00 Tiden som gjenstår Elia Suleiman, Israel 2009 >>>
ons 07.12.
- 19.00 Tiden som gjenstår Elia Suleiman, Israel 2009
- 21.00 Gud griper inn Elia Suleiman, Palest./Frank./Mar./Tysk. 2002
tors 08.12.
- 19.00 Domestic Tourism II Maha Maamoun, Egypt 2009 >>>
- 20.30 Akademiet Cinemateket: Den arabiske våren Foredrag ved Knut S. Vikør
- 21.30 Life After the Fall Kasim Abid, Irak/Storbrittania 2008 >>>
fre 09.12.
- 21.15 China is Still Far Malek Bensmaïl, Algerie/Frankrike 2008 >>>
lør 10.12.
- 17.00 China is Still Far Malek Bensmaïl, Algerie/Frankrike 2008
- 19.30 I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Grave Hala Alabdalla og Ammar el-Beik, Syria/ Frank. 2006 >>>
- 21.00 Domestic Tourism II Maha Maamoun, Egypt 2009
søn 11.12.
- 17.00 I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Grave Hala Alabdalla og Ammar el-Beik, Syria/ Frank. 2006
- 19.00 Life After the Fall Kasim Abid, Irak/Storbrittania 2008
- 21.00 Cracks Hicham Ayouch, Marokko 2009 >>>
tirs 13.12.
- 19.00 Cracks Hicham Ayouch, Marokko 2009

Foredraget «Den arabiske våren» av Knut S. Vikør. Varighet ca. 45 min.
Foredraget er gratis for Cinemateket i Bergens medlemmer og inviterte av Stiftelsen 3,14, kr. 50 for andre.

Professor i Midt-østen og det muslimske Afrikas historie ved Universitetet i Bergen, Knut S. Vikør, holder foredrag under tittelen «Den arabiske våren» hvor han gir oss en god allmenn oversikt over Midtøsten,bakgrunn og dagens situasjon. Vikør har også erfaring fra sin tid som tidligere daglig leder for Senter for Midtøstenstudier ved UiB. Han har også publisert oversiktsbøker om islams og Midtøstens historie.

Mapping Subjectivity was first presented at Museum of Modern Art, MoMA in NY and Tate Modern in London now before coming to Bergen. 3,14 is proudly presenting Mapping Subjectivity to a Bergen audience. This program aims to map the largely unknown heritage of personal, artistic, and sometimes experimental cinema from the Arab world.

In the 1960s, galvanized by a broader global vanguard of countercultural experimentation in poetry, literature, and theater, filmmakers began to craft a language and form that broke away from established conventions and commercial considerations, ultimately clearing the ground for boldly subjective cinematic expressions. Much of the inventive, daring, and formally challenging filmmaking at work today in the Arab world has its roots—both acknowledged and not—in this pioneering drive to experiment with narrative, representation, and the production of images.

Sachiko Hayashi
20.01. – 26.02.2012

consists of five video clips, each featuring a dancer and his/her movements. It discloses the behind-scene creative process and blurs the line between the public and the private. Revealing what is normally hidden, "Process" creates an in-between space where the exposed re-enacts with the concealed.
The choice we make as artist inheres our choice of hiding; in every choice we make, there is a conscious selection of making something public and keeping something private. Through this process we weave a fabric of illusion; the public illusion of who we are and what we do.
Seeing art as an exchange of the most intimate from one person/artist to another/ the public, this immanent dual nature creates certain problematics. The seemingly "nakedness (naked soul)" of an artist is in reality a constitute of disciplined training in self-conscious selection of self exposures. "Process" intends to bring awareness to that process.
Five dancers at different stages of development both personally and artistically are depicted in "Process." By treating each dancer individually to suit their movements and personalities, "Process" further explores the question over the directions of certain art disciplines in which the personal becomes obsolete in favour of the norm via skills, techniques, and discourses of the genres.

In the book "Language of New Media" (2001) Lev Manovich suggested a shift in form from old to new media. While the novel and subsequently cinema privileged the linear narrative, the database has become the predominant organizing form within new media. Since this book was published, "archive" has become a more established term than the more technically inclined "database".
The linear narrative presents events in a fixed sequential cause-and-effect order. In contrast "many new media objects do not tell stories; they don't have beginning or end; in fact, they don't have any development, thematically, formally or otherwise which would organize their elements into a sequence. Instead, they are collections of individual items, where every item has the same significance as any other." These items may be accessed in any arbitrary order.
The works by Sara Rajaei simultaneously seem to draw on both of these organizing principles. Her works tell stories, and two of her works, "Shahrzad" (2009) and "A leap year that started on a Friday" (2010) have references to the storyteller Scheherazade, but her stories do not unfold in a linear fashion. Instead past and present seem to co-exist. Collections are important to several of her works; (re)collections of family photos, memories, domestic environments, family and friends, or art works.
Her work draws on photo, film, storytelling and poetry, and the music and sound design, often a contribution of Milan Gataric, is important to the haunting musical timing and flow of the works. The music and the use of narrator(s) place the spectator at a distance to the scenes unfolding. This is enhanced by the camera movements through the scenes.
Her works can be read as four-dimensional sculptures, and the camera is an eye that moves seamlessly through time with the same ease that it moves through space. This poetics of navigation through space is again, according to Manovich, a common quality of new media art, a quality shared with the database. The items of an archive can be accessed in any order, and conceptualized or visualized as being laid out in space, a space that can be traversed in any direction. Within this form narrative and time itself are equated with the movement through 3D space, the progression through rooms, levels, or words.

The archives and databased discussed by Manovich at times seem fragmented, made up of singular items shattered in space. In contrast, in Sara Rajaeis work, stories and archives seem to merge, becoming holistic entities intimately connected to the shaping and defining of the identities and stories of the persons portrayed.

Sara Rajaei was born in Abadan, Iran in 1976. Since 1998, she has been based in The Hague, the Netherlands, where she currently lives and works. Rajaei began her studies at the University of the Arts in Tehran in 1996 and continued studying at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, the Hague, from 1998 to 2002 where she specialized in 3D art. She also was a resident artist at Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, from 20004. Since 2004, her work, which spans installation, performance, and video art, has been shown in various festivals and exhibitions around the world. She is the winner of the Prix de Rome, basic prixe, in 2009.

Sara Rajaei
09.03. – 06.05.2012
"The continuous ends connected to the beginnings"
screening program:
- Charismatic fates & vanishing dates, 2006. 3´20“
- A day of amnesia, 2004. 5´30”
- Forever for a while, 2009. 7´
- A leap year that started on a Friday, 2010. 6´
- Since we’ve moved here, 2007. 10´
Curator Trond Lossius, co-Curator Malin Barth
>>> h

22.03.2012 19:00
Special screenings of:

- Forever for a while, 2009. 7´
- Objects of Purely Sentimental Value, 2010. 17´
- Shahrzad, 2009. 25´

>>> h

Jeon Joonho
"The White House"
Digital animation
14.08. - 04.10.09

Heli Rekula
"Landscape no. 20 An Tiaracht
" 2000/2002
00:19:00 DVD

18.05. – 01.07.2012

Heli Rekula
Landscape no. 19 An Tiaracht, 2000, c-print, diasec, 125 x 157 cm

An Tiaracht leads us into one of the main pictorial themes of Heli Rekula´s production, the landscape. It is a series of works, both photography and video, in which the works have a random number tagged onto the name of the place. An Tiaracht was made during a longer stay at the west coast of Ireland in 2000.
It exists both as a photo and a video, which calls attention to the temporal aspect of viewing a landscape. An Tiaracht is simple in composition; the image emerges bare, almost devoid of meaning. Yet the camera´s mechanical registration, the low resolution video image, indicates to the possibility of reading it as proof, leaving us wavering between the depicted and the real.

07 June 19:00 - 08 June 12:00
International video art program
Curated by Kisito Assangni

Aditi Kulkarni (India) | Anthony Peskine (France) | Bill Millett (UK) | Ciriaca Erre (Switzerland) | Cristina Picchi & Yuval Gerstein (UK) | Danny Germansen (Denmark) | Dellani Lima (Brazil) | Denis Brun (France) | ELASTIC Group (Italy/Spain) | Eugene Perera (UK) | Evelin Stermitz (Austria) | Francesca Fini (Italy) | Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman (France) | Isidora Ficovic (Serbia) | Jangyoung Jung (Korea) | Jennida Chase (USA) | Jennifer Abessira (Israel) | Joas Nebe (Germany) | Jonas Nilsson (Sweden) | Joy Whalen (USA) | Kent Anderson Butler (USA) | Kokou Ekouagou (Togo) | Larissa Sansour (Palestine) | Larry Caveney (USA) | Laszlo Laszlo Revesz (Hungary) | Neil Howe (Australia) | Nina Backman (Finland) | Otelo Fabiao (Portugal) | Paul Rascheja (Poland) | Pil & Galia Kollectiv (Israel/UK) | Polina Zioga (Greece) | Rita Casdia (Italy) | Sabrina Osborne (UK) | Sohrab Kashani (Iran) | Tommaso Pedone (Italy) | Tommy Becker (USA) | Tor Jorgen Van Eijk (Norway) | Uma Ray (India) | Yotam Gilad (USA).

TIME IS LOVE Screening is an annual international video art program on the theme of love in hard times. The screening explores forms of artistic expression rising from society and the new media's use of technology. It wishes to support and promote the new movements and trends in contemporary culture. The project aims to consider the work of these artists as part of the global phenomenon that is contemporary art, and asks the audience to reflect upon how the time that led to the production of these works was formed. Since 2008 TIME IS LOVE has presented the most innovative works that bring to the world a refreshing perspective on video art.

About the curator
Kisito Assangni is a Togolese-born French artist, curator and producer who trained at Lomé and Paris. Currently living between London, Paris and Lomé, his artworks primarily question post-globalisation impact and psychogeography. His projects have been shown internationally, including the Whitechapel Gallery, London; Arnot Art Museum, New York; Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, USA; Musée des Arts Derniers, Paris; Malmo Konsthall, Malmo, Sweden; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow; Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland; Lucca Museum, Lucca, Italy among others. In 2012, Assangni attended Museology courses at David Roberts Art Foundation (London) given by Dr Glenn Adamson (Head of research, Victoria & Albert Museum, London) and Prof Carol Siegel (Director, Freud Museum, London). Kisito is the founder/curator of Time is Love Screening and [SFIP] project - Still Fighting Ignorance & Intellectual

Tor Jørgen van Eijk. Intermission 3, 2011

Tommaso Pedone. La metamorfosi di Narciso, 2010