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Exhibitions 2010

Oscar Muñoz
Videoworks 2005-2008
One of the leading artists on Columbia´s dynamic art scene.

Oscar Muñoz uses video, drawing and photography to explore themes of memory and human loss. The focal point in his work is the image as impermanent, using the fleeting quality of the techniques itself as a mediator, creating metaphors for the human condition.
His work subtly alludes to the impact of the political and social turmoil in Colombia – as Muñoz reinforces: My work today arises from my interest in understanding how a society comes to accept war - or rather, a dark and corrupted succession of wars over more than 50 years and which have not yet ended - as part of the routine of living. Still – the subjects are non-spectacular, as in “In Proyecto para un memorial”, a 5-screen videowork where faces drawn with water on a sun baked pavement, rapidly evaporate before being repainted, each screen showing a different face in different phases of becoming and disappearing.
Oscar Munoz’s works has been shown extensively, among recent exhibitions are La Biennale de Venezia (2007) and Iniva in London (2008), and he is represented in international collections such as Tate Modern, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles; Museum of Modern Art, Bogota; Museum of Modern Art ‘La Tertulia', Cali, Colombia and Hirshorn Museum, Washington D.C.

15.01. - 21.02.10


Mahlet Ogbe Habte
Mahlet Ogbe Habte, born and raised in Eritrea, presently living in Norway, shows her last videowork “The ambience of bereavement”. Her work focus on loss and grief, but in her case through the mourning culture in Eritrea, especially the grieving sound, which transforms through a mixture of crying and shouting almost into song.

15.01. - 21.02.10

No more bad girls?
Curated by Claudia Marion Stemberger and Kathrin Becker
Arahmaiani (Indonesia) / Patty Chang (USA) / Nezaket Ekici (Turkey/Germany) / Judith Fegerl (Austria) / Regina José Galindo (Guatemala) / Chitra Ganesh (USA) / Mathilde ter Heijne (The Netherlands) / Maryam Jafri (Pakistan/USA/Denmark) / Agnes Janich (Poland) / Nadia Khawaja (Pakistan) / Elena Kovylina (Russia) / Nomusa Makhubu (South Africa) / Elodie Pong (Switzerland) / Larissa Sansour (Palestine/Denmark/England) / Ene-Liis Semper (Estonia) / Andrea Sunder-Plassmann (Germany) / Newsha Tavakolian (Iran)

20.08. - 03.10.10

Patty Chang "Melons (At a Loss)"
video, 1998


Cutators talk
with Claudia Marion Stemberger and Kathrin Becker
21.08. 15:00

Parabol - a series sound works at 3,14 curated by Lydgalleriet.
Lydgalleriet expands 3,14s exhibition experience with complimenting, commenting and /or compromising sound works, played through the sound shower in the Passage.

Le Tigre
Hot Topic (1999)
FYR (2001)

20.08. - 03.10.10


Never Equal Distance To The Moon
Power, Politics & the Environment
Chinese contemporary artists, who have made their mark on photography over the past years.
Curated by Bjørn Inge Follevaag and Wang Baoju

Presented artists:
Bai Yiluo, Liu Xinhua, Shao Yinong + Mu Chen, Qu Yan, Li Wei, Wang Qingsong, Meng Jin, Hong Hao, Chi Peng, Ma Hongjie, Yao Lu, Huang Yan, Tan Haishan, Shi Guorui, Liu Jin, Jin Jiangbo.

12.03. - 30.05.10


Chinese Film Days
Screening program consisting of experimental video, feature films and documentaries, representing some of the most intrigueing of Chinese independent film making to day.
In cooperation with Porsgrunn kunstforening.

30.04. - 30.05.10

Screening program:
30.04. - 30.05. loop (elevator):
- COALSPELL by Sun Xun
- COMB by Li Ming
- MINGUO by Qiu Anxiong

30.04. - 09.05.:
11.05. - 16.05.:
- WE (WO MEN) by Huang Wenhai
18.05. - 22.05.:
- A DISAPPEARANCE FORETOLD by Olivier Meys, Zhang Yaxuan
25.05. - 30.05.:
- YOUTH by Geng Yun

Parabol - a series sound works at 3,14 curated by Lydgalleriet.
Lydgalleriet expands 3,14s exhibition experience with complimenting, commenting and / or compromising sound works, played through the sound shower in the gallery passage.

Zhang Liming (aka Hitlike)
"A Gift of Dispair for My Friends" (2009)
30.04. - 30.05.10


Contemporary Artists from South Africa
Hobbs & Neustetter |James Webb | Video Screenings by:
Bridget Baker | Robyn Nesbitt & Nina Barnett | Eduardo Cachucho| Hasan & Husain Essop |
Nadine Hutton | Bongani Khoza | Jessica Gregory & Zen Marie | Nandipha Mntambo | Cameron Platter | Bernie Searle
Produced by BEK Bergen Centre for Electronic ArtsMaur Prosjekter / Maia Urstad – Stiftelsen 3,14
In collaboration with Artist in Residence // USF Verftet Bergen and ISIS Arts Newcastle

04.06. - 08.08.10

06.06. 19:00
Artist talk with Stephen Hobbs, Marcus Neustetter and James Webb

Hyun-sook Hong
(South Korea)
"Four columns and twelve windows"
Prosjektet ”Four columns and twelve windows” er prosessuell, hvor det organiske materialet får en livssyklus
som speiler liv og død gjennom utstillingsperioden. Verket endrer tildels form og karakter over tid. Klær som materiale ser Hong på som objekt som har overføringsverdi og filosofisk er signifikant i form av både kulturell tilhørighet, livsfase indikator, kjønns identitet. Hong er også opptatt av forbruk og miljø.
Hyun-sook Hong er gjestekunstner på USF Verftet
08.10. - 14.11.10

Gülsün Karamustafa
(Turkey). "The City and the Secret Panther Fashion">>>
Den røde tematiske tråd gjennom hennes kunstneriske produksjon de siste tiår er kulturell identitet. Filmen er fiktiv og humoristisk. Betrakteren møter kvinneskikkelser som skaper seg et rom og et univers borte fra Islamistenes fordømmende represalier.
In co-operation with RODEO-gallery, Istanbul

08.10. - 14.11.10

Photo: Serra Gültürk. Courtesy of the artist and Rodeo