For the first time in Norway, Gallery 3,14 will put on an extensive exhibition of Cuban Contemporary Art.

The exhibition includes the artists Tania Bruguera , René Francisco and Luis Gomez, and the groups Los Carpinteros (Alexandre Arrechea, Marco Antonio Castillo, Dagoberto Rodriguez) and Ordo Amoris Cabinet (Francis Acea, Diango Hernandez). They belong to a new generation of Cuban artists that have attracted considerable international interest.

Cuba - With eyes of stone and water is an overview of current Cuban Contemporary Art through the work of three Cuban artists and two artist groups, who all live and work permanently in Cuba.

The exhibition includes videos and installations, such as a forest of antennas hanging upside down from the ceiling, a swimming pool, a coffee plantation with espresso pots planted in concrete and several other installation pieces.

The subtitle With eyes of stone and water is a quote from the Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén's poem A long, green lizard. It refers to the plurality of realities within the works, and to the way the artists deal with their relationship to their homeland, its values, history and culture, increasing globalization and communication.

They live and work in a society which is partly closed, and still holds on to its revolution despite the rapidly globalizing world around it. They deal with rather serious issues with a twinkle of humour, which has made their work extremely communicative on a number of levels.

Cuba - With eyes of stone and water is the beginning of a new exhibition strategy at Gallery 3,14.

While the gallery will continue its work with international shows, there will be a marked shift of focus.

We will encourage the multitude of artistic expressions we have become known for, but the gallery-space in central Bergen will be dedicated to a farreaching and influential contemporary programme, showcasing the works of both established and emerging artists.

Rest assured that we will keep reaching beyond Europe's borders in our exhibition policy but not exclude our own neighbourhood.
Cuba - With eyes of stone and water, is curated by Malin Barth.