Beijing artist Feng Zhengjie (currently a professor at the Fine Arts Department of the Beijing Institute of Education) presents an exhibition of oil paintings whose subject matter is concerned with the state of human beings in contemporary society.

With feigned poses, the people in these works predict a world of toy-like or game-like existence. This is Zhengie´s first exhibit in Norway.

Feng Zhengjie

Jan. 11th - Feb. 10th 2002

Feng Zhengjie paints the complexities young people in China have to deal with today. The dream wedding is one of the extravagances popular among the ‘New Rich’ (Dakuan) of China. Especially a wedding western style (long white dress with veil for the woman) is sought after. In his series ‘Romantic Trip’ (1999) Feng Zhengjie combines tradition and modernity by depicting couples alternately in traditional Chinese wedding clothes and western costume. The setting is an artificial dream world with soap bubbles surrounding the happy couples. But the bubbles symbolising the dream are fragile and easily punctured. Real life is different. Many Chinese cannot afford great luxury. Although there are a lot of marriages in China, the divorce rate is high.

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