Wednesday November 2nd
A series of delegated performances and interventions
in public space.
12:05 Ankomsthallen, Bergen togstasjon
ca 12:20 Utlendingssaker, Bergen sentrum politistasjon
ca 12:35 BIKS, Bergen internasjonale kultursenter
ca 12:55 Western Union, Olav Kyrres gate
ca 13:10 Skoleporten, Nygård skole
Local participants:
Kwestan Jamal Bawan, Gillian Carson, Mahlet Ogbe Habte, Karen Kipphoff, Pavana Reid

Tuesday November 8th
Performance by Tanja Ostojic
ca 13:40 Arrival Hall Bergen Airport /
Ankomsthallen Bergen lufthamn, Flesland

Thursday November 10th
Artist presentation and lecture “Crossing Borders”
by Tanja Ostojic 19:00 at Stiftelsen 3,14


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Artist´s statement:
Mobility, flexibility, locality and temporality of the experience, as well as the public/private dialogue are important elements of my artistic practice that have found their expression in many site-specific interventions and performances. During an artist-in-residence program at the OMI International Artists Residency in New York State, I made a piece that involved an inflatable structure requiring the participation of 5 people. At any given moment in time, 5 participants were breathing the same air while sharing the common space of the inflatable bubble. As their heads were free to move, the rest of their bodies were unchangeably squeezed between two layers of vinyl. No one was able to leave the unit on his/her own and all 5 people had to “agree” what to do or when to end the performance.

Conversation bubble, facts:
Material: vinyl, 1/2 horse power blower, 5 participants
Dimensions: 15 feet in height (approx. 450cm) x 10 feet in diameter (approx. 300cm)

Experimental plant incubator, 2008


ACT - part I with Ana Rewakowicz is touring to Oslo Kunstforening, Du Store Verden June 7 and to Odda´s Smelteverkstomt in collaboration with Odda kommune in Hardanger and Folgeform June 12.

Performance Odda
Performance Oslo
Performance Bergen

ACT - part I
Ana Rewakowicz (PL/UA)
"Conversation bubble (family therapy room)"
live sculpture / outdoor performance & seminar
Curated by Pia Torgersen and co-curated by Malin Barth
14.06.08. 13:00


A slight young woman in a black dress walks barefoot through the streets of Guatemala City, carrying a white basin filled with human blood. She sets the basin down, steps into it and then out, leaving a trail of bloody footprints from the Constitutional Court building to the old National Palace. The corrupt Constitutional Court had recently allowed the former military dictator, General Ríos Montt, to run for president despite the Constitution’s barring of past presidents who gained power by military coup. A Guatemalan who didn’t know that it was a performance titled Who can erase the traces?—or even who had never heard of performance art—would have had no trouble understanding the symbolism: the ghostly footprints representing the hundreds of thousands of civilians murdered, overwhelmingly by the Army, during the long years of war and after; the persistence of memory in the face of official policies of enforced forgetting and impunity. I’ve read (and have contributed) plenty of words, a surfeit of words, about violence and injustice in Guatemala. That trail of bloody footprints was the most powerful statement I’d encountered in ages.

Regina in Oslo

ACT - part II
Regina Jose Galindo (GTM)
performance and seminar - Bergen

08.11.08. 13:00

Luis Guerra
Performance «Study About What Is Missing, First Movement, Bergen»
20.11.08. 17:00

performed songs of Víctor Lidio Jara Martínez


Pedro Gómez-Ergaña
"Tell me exactly what you saw and what you think it means"
17.02.10 20:00

A walk with James Webb
“There Are Far Too Few Friday Nights Left In The World"
10.06. - 19.06.10


ACT - part III
Jumana Emil Abboud
"Paper, Feather, Sugar, Water"
performance & artist talk
curated by Pia Torgersen and co-curated by Malin Barth
28.05.11 15:00

Jumana Emil Abboud have been investigating Palestinian folktale tradition for some time and for her performance she borrows particular elements from fairytales: especially connected with objects in the stories that contained a magical attribute. In many ways, the magical objects are universal and can be found in western fairytales as well. Abboud´s performance will involve actions and sounds that reflect children’s game on one hand and a ritual on the other. >>>

Diverse Universe
International Performance Festival 2011
Artists performing in Bergen:
Myk Henry (Ireland/USA), Non Grata Group (Estonia) Anonymous Boh, Devilgirl, Ville Karel Viirelaid, Marcus Vinícius.
07.06.11 19:00

Diverse Universe on Facebook

ACT - part IV
Misplaced Women? Marking the city
by Tanja Ostojic

outdoor performance and lecture in collaboration with IMER, University in Bergen (UiB) as part of their 15 year Anniversary Conference.
curated by Malin Barth and co-curated by Pia Torgersen

10.11.11 19:00

“At approximately 1:00 a.m. on 8 March 2002, Mr Mogos’s 49-year-old wife Anisoara and their 16-year-old daughter Dorina were also expelled to Romania and joined the family in detention at Otopeni Airport. According to Ms Mogos, at the airport in Germany, she was handcuffed and bodily searched by female officers while fully naked, and was also only allowed to use a toilet with the door open. On 8 March 2002, at approximately 8:30 a.m., the Mogos family was transferred to a building in the Transit Zone at Otopeni Airport. The Mogos family has refused to accept Romanian citizenship and lived in the transit zone of the Otopeni Airport beginning in March 2002. They were still living in the transit zone of Otopeni airport as of December 2003.” (…)  (From “Naked Life” video performance by Tanja Ostojic, Text resource: Written Comments of the European Roma Rights Centre Concerning Germany For Consideration by the United Nations Human Rights Committee at its 80th Session, March 16, 2003­ – April 3, 2004).

Misplaced Women? Marking the city is a series of performances, interventions and delegated performances in the public space in beginning of November 2011 and with artist presentation on the 10th of November.

In this project, Tanja Ostojic enacts and delegate to others an everyday life activity that signifies working mobility, and displacement as common to transients, migrants, and refugees, as it is to the itinerant artist travelling the world to earn her living. Ostojic’s street performance continues themes of migration, desired mobility, and relations of power and vulnerability in regards to the mobile female body, found in much of her previous work as context Looking for a Husband with EU Passport (2000-2005), Illegal Border Crossing (2000), Waiting for a visa (2000), Naked Life (2004/2008), Integration Impossible? (2005/2010), Sans Papiers (2004).

Tanja Ostojic: “Are we getting used to the situations in which we are deprived for the sake of security procedures, such as taking off our boots, our suits, belts, pullovers, scarves, our heats, taking out entire content from our pockets and from our suitcases and from our handbags out?  We are finding our selves more and more often in the situation resembling “suspicious migrants” on the border and homeless people who are on daily base deprived in the public space.  I’m interested to try to reconstruct some of those situations in the public space. As a migrant women my self I can most profoundly talk from my own perspective (that includes certain gender, race, passport). Certainly the body and the condition of women are more vulnerable in the migration context than of the men, if we just think of leaving children behind, forced marriages, pragmatic marriages, sexual workers, and women trafficking.”

(the International Migration and Ethnic Relations Research Unit at the University of Bergen)
15 year anniversary conference
Bergen, 9-11 November 2011

A combination of international and local scholars will in the course of the seminar, discuss how IMER researchers deal with issues such as migration, globalization and transnational movements - how they examine 'culture', ´politics´, ´space´, ´gender´, ´media´, ´government´ and ´law´ - through the prism of International Migration and Ethnic Relations.

International migration and attendant processes of globalization, both as social phenomena and in efforts at theorization, have become especially critical for the development of social theory and analysis, notably by challenging some of the fundamental questions of the social sciences. If one wishes, as Georg Simmel did, to answer the question "How is society possible?", one cannot take for granted that the relevant object is defined within the parameters of the nationstate, nor by those of ´ethnic groups´ or ´cultures´.

In a recent evaluation report on Norwegian sociology research, it is stated that ´[t]he key question to be explored by sociology today is not, perhaps, how society is possible, but rather how to study social processes and changes at local, national and global levels (Sociological research in Norway:
An evaluation, p. 17). Across the social science disciplines, it now seems impossible to imagine place, society and culture without the mobilities of people, goods and information - thus recasting questions exploring e.g. social stratification, scale, space, media and politics.

The Conference is organised in collaboration with Uni Rokkan Centre, Dept. of Social Anthropology, Dept. of Sociology, Dept. of Geography, Dept. of Comparative Politics and SKOK, University of Bergen.

To view full seminar program go to:
Conference fee @ IMER:
Nok 500,- for two days (includes lunch)
Students: Nok 300,-
REGISTRATION to Hanna Skartveit by 20 October 2011.

Performance lecture with artist Tanja Ostojic: "Crossing Borders" at 3,14 is free.
Refreshments will be served.

“Misplaced Women? Marking the City”
Performance by Tanja Ostojic.
Performed by Pavana Reid at the Bergen train station, on November 2, 2011 at 12:05.
Produced by Stiftelsen 3,14.
Photo: Mariel Lødum

“Misplaced Women? Marking the City”
Performance by Tanja Ostojic at Bergen International Airport
, on November 8, 2011 at 13:40.
Photo: Janicke Olsen

“Misplaced Women? Marking the City”
Performance by Tanja Ostojic.
Performed by Mahlet Ogbe Habte at Bergen Police station, on November 2, 2011 at 12:20.
Produced by Stiftelsen 3,14.
Photo: Mariel Lødum

“Misplaced Women? Marking the City”
Performance by Tanja Ostojic.
Performed by Gillian Carson at Bergen International Culture Center, BIKS, on November 2, 2011 at 12:35. Produced by Stiftelsen 3,14.
Photo: Mariel Lødum

“Misplaced Women? Marking the City”
Performance by Tanja Ostojic.
Performed by Kwestan Jamal Bawan at Western Union, on November 2, 2011 at 12:55.
Produced by Stiftelsen 3,14.
Photo: Mariel Lødum

Yong-Gu Shin is an image performance artist who integrates media and installation art with performance since 1991. Yong-Gu Shin is currently a guest artist at AIR Bergen, at USF Verftet. Until now he has worked on various exhibitions and performances like Circulation, Dream, Embrace the wind, Skein in a maze and Variation of string over 20 foreign countries like England, France, Germany. In Korea, he actively performs in the arts events and festivals such as opening performance for Seoul International Dance Festival, opening performance for Insa-dong International Performance arts Festival and opening performance for Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Yong-Gu Shin focuses on the meaning of existence in space and time thereby maximizing relations between virtual images and reality through directing and reproducing imaginary scenes. He encodes an abstract image, wind using various mediums like performance, installation and media. The wind symbolizes hope and hardships of life. The objects he uses to symbolize wind are also signs that speak a meaning of this world and an image of a mediator which symbolizes hope in the real world.

“Misplaced Women? Marking the City”
Performance by Tanja Ostojic.
Performed by Karen Kipphoff at the Foreign public school, on November 2, 2011 at 12:55.
Produced by Stiftelsen 3,14.
Photo: Mariel Lødum

Diverse Universe
International Performance Festival 2012

Diverse Universe is a nomadic performance festival, traveling through the East-South-West and North Europe for 8 weeks, uniting Performance and Live artists from all-across the World.

Artists performing in Bergen:
Day 1
Jung Hoon Lee (South-KOR), Peter Rosvik (FIN), Myk Henry (Ireland/NYC), Non Grata (Estonia): Devilgirl / Anonymous Boh / Techno Animal / BJ Dealer / Ken Zero (USA) / Miss Korea / Mr. Lee / Geisha / Bloody Drunker

Day 2

Hiroko Tsuchimoto (JPN), Yong Gu Shin (South-KOR), Ken Siebert (USA), Da Yeon Kim (South-KOR), 1KA (FR)

Diverse Universe is supported by Bordic Baltic Fondation, Kulturkontakt Nord, Culture Ireland

14.-15.06.12 19:00







Photo: Non Grata in Force Majeure. Courtesy of Ben Desoto

17. & 18.08.12
Performance Art Bergen

Meeting point

As part of an international exchange program Performance Art Bergen (PAB) are presenting performances by six artists at Stiftelsen 3,14. The performances will find place both outside in the public and inside in the gallery. The event will end with a discussion around the condition of performance art in the three different countries.

Zhu Ming and Vigi Wang Hua are coming from Beijing, Jill McDermid, Eric Hokanson from New York, and Franzisca Siegrist, Mia Øquist from Bergen.

Program >>>
Presentation artists>>>

Franzisca Siegrist: "Variación de +1707 nº1"

Mia Øquist: "This book should not leave China"

Zhu Ming: "July 26 . 2002 NO:B"

23.01.2013 19:00
Performance Art Bergen

Performance Nå 1

19.05.12 16:00
Yong-gu Shin
Go Against the Wind
16:00: outdoor performance at Vågsallmenningen in front of 3,14´s building
16:30: a multimedia performance inside the gallery space